5 Tips For Bug Proofing Your Home

Melissa Mackrell3 years ago

With summer fast approaching you’ll need to prepare for the irritating swarms that will threaten to overrun your home. Not the kids and their friends, (although they can be equally annoying at times!), but the plagues of insects that come out of hibernation as the temperatures rise. It’s home bug proofing time!

To make this process easier, here are 5 essential tips to manage most of the pests around your home!

#1 Install Mesh Security Screens


All openings to your home need to have 20-mesh or finer fitted. This includes doors, windows and any ventilation openings. If you don’t have fine enough mesh installed tiny pests can still penetrate the exterior of your home.

#2 Seal Any Cracks

Bug Proofing 1

The most common areas for pests to sneak in is through your doors, windows and fascia, so ensure you check these carefully. If you find any cracks fill small ones with superior quality silicone and any larger cracks you’ll require latex caulk. It’s vital to seal cracks to avoid insects, rodents or lizards entering your home.

#3 Fit Thresholds Or Door Sweeps


Fitting thresholds or door sweeps to any exterior entry doors around your home is a great way to keep insects at bay. If you see any light peeking underneath your doors, you haven’t installed these correctly, so you will need to remove these and start again.

#4 Ensure All Utility Openings Are Sealed


Carefully inspect the exterior of your home to identify any utility openings. This can include gas meters, pipes and wires, as well as taps and laundry vents. You will need a sealant suitable for the specific utility you are enclosing, and it is necessary to remove any peeling material before you begin this process.

#5 Install Self-Closing Exterior Doors On Your Home


If you don’t already have these, its time to install self-closing exterior doors on your home. This is crucial in rural areas to avoid snakes, window spiders or scorpions entering your home.

If you’re looking for superior quality security and insect screens in your local area, you can find these through LocalSearch.

Some leading local insect and security screen suppliers and installers in Coffs Harbour are Mobile Security Doors and Coffs Harbour Blinds & Awnings.

Mobile Security Doors

After servicing Coffs Harbour and the surrounds for more than 25 years, Mobile Security Doors has built a reputation for supplying quality security screens, doors and windows. Some of the products available include:

  • Insect screens
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  • Security doors

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Coffs Harbour Blinds & Awnings

Specialising in Crimsafe security and insect screens and doors and quality blinds and awnings, Coffs Harbour Blinds & Awnings can keep pests, both great and small, out of your home. Products offered include:

  • Security screens & doors
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  • Skylights & shutters

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