Tips For Turning Your House Into A Home

Shae Killey3 years ago

So you’ve moved into a new house, but it just doesn’t feel like home yet. Anyone with money has the capacity to build a new property. However, giving this lifeless dwelling a comfortable, homely feel requires a personal touch. From including family pictures on the walls, right through to brightening up your space with warm and inviting lighting, we’ve got a few tips that’ll help turn your house into a home.

Walls With Love

Nothing says ‘new house’ more than exposed, undecorated walls. Whether you’d prefer to hang up some of your favourite artwork or a collage of family photos, adding a personal touch to your walls will go a long way in turning your house into a home. Gallery walls will add character and ensure your house is a reflection of you and your family’s personality.

Tip—Hallways are a great place to showcase your artwork, as they are a high traffic area. 

Cosy Rugs

While floorboards or tiles are a durable, kid-friendly flooring solution, they can look cold, bare and boring when left uncovered. By covering your floors with colourful, furry rugs, you can really brighten up a room and define the space. Rugs will also warm up your cold floors come winter and are a great way to make a room look cosy.

Signature Scent

Every home needs a signature scent. Whether you prefer fragrant flowers, scented candles or essential oils, fill your home with wonderful smells that you’ll be happy to come home to. Instead of smelling dirty shoes every time you open the door after a hard day’s work, you’ll feel right at home when every room has your favourite scent!

Don’t Forget The Outdoors

Whether you want to create an indoor-outdoor kitchen or a patio area for the family to congregate for summer BBQs, a well-designed entertainment area is key to turning your house into a home. The addition of an outdoor lounge and fireplace will add character to the area and create the perfect environment for the family to relax and create memories.

If you need help with the design or construction or your outdoor entertainment area, we’ve found a Gold Coast business that’ll be happy to assist!

Awning Designs & Patios

With top-quality products and a hardworking team, let Awning Design & Patios take care of your new entertainment area from start to finish. They can design and install:

  • Patios
  • Awnings
  • Decks & more

With more than 21 years’ experience in the industry, you won’t find a more professional, efficient and affordable service on the Gold Coast. Visit their LocalSearch profile for a full list of their services.


It might sound obvious, but nothing brightens up a dull space more than light itself. Whether it’s natural light from a north-facing window, additional downlights, chandeliers or lamps, ensuring all corners of your room are well lit will create a warmer, cosier environment.

Living in an ill-lit space can be gloomy and miserable, so we’ve featured a Gold Coast electrician who can brighten things up with some added lighting!

AllCoast Electrical Pty Ltd

The team at AllCoast Electrical can take care of a range of electrical jobs, from new light installations right through to solar power system installations and maintenance. Their services include:

  • Domestic electrical installation & maintenance
  • Hot water system installations
  • 24-hour emergency repairs

Offering quality workmanship, if you want your electrical project taken care of, contact the friendly staff at Allcoast Electrical. Visit their LocalSearch profile for more information on their services.

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