Industrial Chic Home Décor & Design

Sarah Russo3 years ago

If you’ve always dreamt of a fashionable New York style loft or converted warehouse apartment, then this is the article for you! Read on to find out how you can create your very own industrial chic pad.

Industrial Décor

Industrial chic embraces minimalist decor, so stick to 1 or 2 key features in each room with sparse furniture.

Take some inspiration from these ideas for your lounge room and bedroom:

The Lounge Room

Industrial Chic Living Room

Furniture: To capture the industrial look in your lounge room, mix a variety of vintage and modern furniture. A modular lounge is a functional option and can be perfectly teamed with vintage leather armchairs for a warehouse feel.

Art: What you hang on your walls can make or break the aesthetics of the room. Large black and white portraits or landscapes are a great way to add a moody vibe, while a display of different sized vintage mirrors is an interesting way to jazz up a plain wall.

Finishing Touches: As industrial décor can often feel quite cold, your finishing touches are everything. A fur rug (faux of course), wool throw or colourful cushions will add instant warmth to the room. Floor length curtains will also create a more personalised feel.

The Bedroom

Industrial Chic bedroom

Furniture: If you’ve ever been on Pinterest, you would’ve seen the creative furniture made from discarded wooden slats. Get crafty and create your own bed base, headboard or side tables for a rustic warehouse bedroom.

Art: A warehouse/industrial bedroom wouldn’t be complete without a graffiti wall. Professional graffiti artists can create a customised design just for you. If this isn’t your style, a large framed photograph is a chic way to add art to your industrial bedroom.

Finishing Touches: Mirrors are your best friend for your industrial bedroom décor. A long fashion mirror propped in the corner with a rug underneath will add a sense of space and openness to the room. It’s also a great place to hang bags, hats and jewellery!

Industrial Design

Our favourite part about industrial home design is the use of the natural materials of the property.

If you’re looking for more than a new lounge or rug, these industrial home design tips will help you create the space of your dreams.

Ceiling, Floor & Walls

Exposed Beams

Ceiling: As industrial chic rooms are often quite expansive and open-plan, exposing the natural beams and pipes in the ceiling creates an interesting feature in the room. If this isn’t an option, hanging industrial style lights is a quirky solution.

Floor: Have you ever seen carpet in a warehouse? Forget about fuzzy flooring and stick to what your home naturally has. Whether it’s tiles, wood or epoxy-coated concrete, embrace your properties original foundations.

Walls: Exposed brick is one of the most popular aspects of industrial chic. This rising popularity has seen the introduction of wallpaper with brick designs in a range of colours. If you want to stick to clean cut walls, forget about white and cream and select paint in a stone colour.

How A Professional Can Help Achieve Industrial Chic

Decided to take the leap and create your industrial inspired haven? LocalSearch can hook you up with everything you need, from furniture stores through to reliable tradies.

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