Alternative Methods to Keep Your House Cool This Summer

Elise Stevenson3 years ago

With summer temperatures on the rise, we’re all looking for ways to keep cool without sending the electricity bill sky high. Depending on where you live, almost 20% to 50% of your annual energy consumption will go towards cooling your home. Check out these cool alternatives to help you keep the temperature down this summer, without burning a whole in your pocket.


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Investing in quality insulation for your walls and ceiling can prove as an effective barrier to heat, providing year-round comfort for your home. Not only will this solution keep you cool in summer, it can also keep your home warm during winter. A well-insulated home can also cut your electricity bills by up to half, as well as reducing greenhouse gas emissions.


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Having a well-landscaped garden will help keep the temperature down inside. This cool alternative will improve the exterior of your home, as well as creating natural insulation to protect you and you home from the harsh sunlight. Planting crawling vines on the sides of your house that receive more sunlight is a great way to keep your home cool. Native, deciduous trees will also help shade your home from the hot sun, and come winter time, the leaves will drop, assisting in passive solar heating.


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Window awnings can reduce heat absorption, blocking the angle of the sun coming through during summer. Awnings can be fitted to the windows of your house or you can have them custom-made to shade the entire side of your property. These days, awnings can be made from a variety of materials to help reflect the heat from your home. To get the most out of your awnings, select a type that is opaque, tightly woven and lightly-coloured to reflect more sunlight.

Window Tinting

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Window tinting (or sun control film) can be used to reflect heat and harmful UV rays away from your home. This will not only reduce up to 80% of heat through your windows during the summer, it will also act as an added layer of protection during the cooler months. Window tints that are silver and mirror-styled window tints will be more effective than films that are coloured or transparent.

Looking to keep your house cool this summer?

No matter where you’ll be during this hot and humid summer, your home should pose as a cool, safe haven and where you can retire to avoid the Aussie heat.

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