DIY Terrarium

Melissa Mackrell3 years ago

Bring Some Of The Country To The City By Creating Your Own Terrarium

Have a green thumb but limited for space? Create a striking terrarium and enjoy the Great Outdoors in your living room! What’s the best thing about designing your own terrarium? You’re only limited by your imagination.

We’ve provided a step-by-step terrarium guide to transform your home or apartment into a lush green sanctuary.


#1 Source Glass Jars



The first step to making your own terrarium is finding the perfect glass jars in which to house your lovely indoor garden. Antique or second-hand stores are an ideal location for finding some eye-catching vintage jars. Make sure to select jars that provide the right amount of space to store your preferred plant varieties.

#2 Select The Plants


After locating the glass jars you’d like to use for your terrarium, it’s time to decide on the plants you’re interested in showcasing. When making your selection you need to take into account whether the plants you choose will fit comfortably in your jars now and with future growth, and also how much water they’ll need.

#3 Assemble The Base Of Your Terrarium



When arranging the plants for your terrarium, ensure that you pair succulents and cacti together and tropical plants with ferns, as these plants prefer similar living conditions.

Place a fine layer of rocks or pebbles in the base of your terrarium. This is where water will build up to stop your plants getting flooded. It’s generally a good idea to fill your jars with around a couple of centimetres of rock at the base.

Next it’s time to add a small amount of activated charcoal to the bottom of your jars, so it just covers the rocks. Charcoal is vital for reducing bacteria and resulting odours. Now add a final layer of soil to the mix. Cacti soil is essential for succulents, and potting soil for all other plant varieties.

#4 Add The Plants


Now you’re base is prepared, its time to plant your indoor garden. Remove your plants from their pots, and break apart the root system for planting. You may have to trim the roots a little at this point. Dig several small holes in the soil with your fingers or a spoon and place your plants in the holes created. Try to avoid the leaves of your plants sitting on the glass. Sprinkle another fine layer of soil over the base before compacting this around the roots.


#5 Personalise your Terrarium



It’s time to decorate your terrarium to your individual tastes. You can add moss, sticks, shells, toys or figurines, whatever small accessories you like let your inner artist shine!

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