What Your Tradie Lunchbox Should Look Like

Eve O'Connell3 years ago

You’re at work all day, you have to fuel your body as well as your monstrous appetite. If you feel yourself wearing down towards the end of the job, maybe it’s time to renovate your lunch menu! We’ve packed this blog with some energising lunch options that’ll have you powering through until home time.

These lunches combine deliciously healthy amounts of protein and carbs that’ll keep you fuller and energised for longer. We’ve got something for the rice lovers, pasta lovers and bread lovers. Chow down!

Grilled chicken salad with brown rice

Making a healthy salad is as easy as throwing all of your favourite fruits, veggies and meat into a bowl or container. Mixing fruit with meat may sound strange, but trust us, once you try this salad you’ll be hooked. Just try to avoid fatty, sugar-filled dressings!

Image from heatherchristo.com

Recipe Example

Combine skinless grilled chicken breast with chopped strawberries and rocket. Serve on a bed of brown rice to boost your carbohydrates. Experiment with other fruits and vegetables to suit your tastes.

Wholewheat pasta with broccoli & almonds

When making dishes that include rice, pasta or bread, try and steer clear of the white, refined varieties and opt for wholegrains. The taste may be different, but you’ll feel fuller for longer! Combine this with nutritious greens and nuts, and you’ve got a match made in heaven.

Image from taste.com.au

Recipe Example

Boil some wholewheat spaghetti, following packet instructions. In the final 4 minutes of boiling, add some chopped broccoli. Use a large frying pan to fry chopped garlic and chilli, then mix through the pasta and broccoli. Garnish with lemon zest and toasted almond flakes – delish!

Burgers with chickpea & lentil patties

There are a ridiculous amount of bread varieties out there, and as long as you’re staying away from white bread, you’ll be gaining heaps more energy and nourishment. Pair a wholegrain bread roll with fresh salad and these patties—you’ll find a new love for burgers.

Image from kylewillets.com

Recipe Example

You can make these patties in bulk and freeze them for later, or cook them fresh for dinner or lunch. The delicious mix of legumes and spices will power you up for the afternoon’s work. Find the complete recipe here.

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