El Niño: What is it?

Eleanor Knight3 years ago

Ok, so we have all heard the weather forecasters talking about it, but what exactly is El Niño? Here at LocalSearch we have done our research to bring you the ins and outs of this extreme weather pattern, as well as how it could affect us here in Australia. For all you need to know about El Niño, read on!

What is El Niño?


  • It’s thought that fishermen off the coast of Peru first spotted El Niño
  • The phrase literally translates to ‘the little boy’ in Spanish
  • El Niño comes into affect irregularly every 2 to 7 years
  • It effects the entire planet, with emphasis on Pacific Ocean regions

El Niño is an ocean and atmospheric climate pattern that affects the whole world. Although this unpredictable weather phenomenon distresses our entire planet, it mainly disturbs countries in the Pacific Ocean including Australia, Indonesia and south-west America. It does this by warming the surface waters in the eastern tropical Pacific Ocean, affecting the speed and strength of oceanic currents. It also plays a huge part in local weather systems.

How does it affect Australia?

Bush Fires
Bush Fires
  • El Niño is known to decrease rainfall & reduce tropical cyclones
  • It also increases fire danger throughout southeast Australia
  • This weather pattern increases temperatures & reduces winter snowfall

El Niño is perhaps one of the most influential climate cycles to affect Australia. From reducing rainfall levels to increasing temperatures and fire risks, it’s no secret that El Niño has a devastating effect on our climate. In fact, records show that 9 out of 10 of the driest winter to spring periods in Australia have taken place during El Niño conditions. For more information about the effects of El Niño affects, visit the Australian Government’s website.

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