5 Fabulous Art Deco Feature Wall Ideas

Samuel Medley3 years ago

Want to add a dash of Gatsbyesque glamour to your home? These art deco feature wall ideas are guaranteed to inspire the interior designer in you. Whether you are a fan of black-and-white movies, or just want to give your home a classic, more elegant feel, you’ve come to the right place!

1. Wallpaper With Bold Geometric Patterns

art deco wallpaper

It’s easy to see why the art deco style has retained its appeal over the decades. The style’s wide, curvilinear shapes instantly kindle images of New York skyscrapers and luxury hotels.

Applying wallpaper with bold geometric patterns in black, gold and silver colours, will instantly give your home that 1920s vibe.

2. Oval Mirrors

oval mirror

As with any home décor project, adding mirrors can really enhance the sense of space in a room. Oval mirrors, particularly those framed with geometric patterns, will allow you to achieve this while also giving your home a more polished and old-fashioned atmosphere.

If you really want to achieve the full art-deco look, a fan mirror (a central mirror flanked with smaller mirrors creating the impression of an unfolding fan) is a great way to go.

3. Old-fashioned movie posters 

Wollongong hitchcock poster

Because the first movies were silent, creating striking, gaudy and overtly theatrical images was vital. This approach carried over to many of the movie promotions of the day, so hanging up a few posters of the classics is a guaranteed way to enhance your feature wall.

For example, a well-framed poster of such films as Metropolis or The Great Gatsby will give your home entertainment area a lavish, cinema-lobby ambience.

4. Classic Furniture  

Wollongong room

To really bring out your art deco feature wall, it’s a good idea to place some classic pieces of furniture in the foreground. Old armchairs, a coffee table, wine cabinets or any other furniture with warm, earthy tones will work great against a gold backdrop.

If you don’t have any furniture that is strictly ‘art-deco’ in appearance, don’t stress. Simply arranging your older furniture in front of the feature wall can create an eclectic look that may be just as striking.

5. Sheen & Gleam

wollongong sheen

Placing chrome lamps, steely sculptures, bronze vases or any other metallic furnishings before your feature wall will instantly create a distinctively retro look.

Be sure to space your furnishings evenly, according to your mirrors or any other elements on the feature wall, to create the best possible symmetrical style.

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