4 Beautiful Uses For Brick At Your Property

Samuel Medley3 years ago

The humble brick is something that is too often taken for granted. For thousands of years, bricks have been an essential element in all kinds of structures, from the walls of Jericho, to Big Ben and the Chrysler Building.

Of course, bricks are much more efficient and well made today than they have ever been. They are also popular among home and business owners who want to display that warm, rustic look.

If you want to boast some beautiful brickwork at your property, or are simply looking for some great applications for bricks you have lying around from that reno, read on!

1. Retaining Walls

Carins retaining wall brick

Bricks are ideal for building retaining walls as they are versatile, long lasting and pest resistant. The same can’t be said for the railroad ties and wood often used for retaining walls.

Brick retaining walls also have the advantage of having low installation costs. If you want some striking red, orange or sandy colours to compliment the green in your garden, making use of segmented brick for your walls is definitely the way to go.

2. Mailboxes

Cairns Mail

Having a traditional pole-mounted mailbox may give your home a touch of old-fashioned charm. However, in the event of a storm (or, more regrettably, a vandal attack) your important mail may be at risk.

Building a brick mailbox is a great way to avoid this hassle. Using brick will also allow you to create a mailbox that gels better with the aesthetics of your home. This is particularly important, as the mailbox is at the very forefront of your property. So, if you want to combine style with durability, a brick mailbox is the obvious choice.

3. Patio paving

patio brick cairns

If you’re thinking of adding a patio area to your backyard, brick paving has numerous advantages. Brick pavers have high stain resistance as well as excellent colour retention. Also, while concrete pavers tend to look dilapidated when they are cracked, chipped or stained, old brick pavers will give your home that classic, homey look.

If you use brick paving for your patio area, you don’t need to worry about UV rays sapping the rich colours away. What’s more, because bricks are easy to maintain and reuse, choosing brick is the more environmentally friendly paving choice.

4. Exposed Brick Walls

Cairns exposed brick

Looking to add warm, earthy textures to your home? Exposed brick is a great way to go. There are brick types to suit all tastes, colours and budgets. Colonial style bricks, for example, will allow you to create a Victorian-era look for your kitchen area, while rough-hewn bricks are essential for creating that cozy cottage feel.

It’s important to note that although brick feature walls are certainly in vogue, using too much exposed brick will make your interiors seem too dark and confined. Choosing only a few select walls for exposed brick is the best way to go.

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