3 Hacks To Cool Down Your Home

Eve O'Connell3 years ago

When you live in one of the hottest regions in Australia, life can seem pretty darn unfair when summer comes around. Before you swap your living room couch for a kid’s paddling pool or make a hat out of a working ceiling fan*, try these practical approaches first.

*Please do not make a hat out of a working ceiling fan. Don’t even try. Seriously. And don’t steal a child’s paddling pool either.

1. Replace Carpet with Tiling


Not only will stains be easier to clean up, you’ll drop the temperature by a few degrees. You’ll definitely notice a change from the hot, stuffy, heat-trapping carpet underneath your feet!

2. Insulate Your Home


When you insulate your home, you’ll be provided with year-round comfort. It’ll keep your home cool in summer and warm in winter—not to mention save you a heap of money on your energy bills.

3. Look Into Heat Reflectors


From reflective paint to window film, there are many heat reflecting devices on the market. Around one third of unwanted heat comes in through your roof. To combat this, you can buy reflective coatings of white paint (if your roof materials are compatible). It is best to consult your local Mount Isa roofing specialist for advice. Painting your exterior walls a lighter colour will also help your home absorb less heat.


For your windows, there are two types of film that can be used to reflect heat—sun control and combination. Sun control films (window tinting) can reduce up to 80% of heat through your windows, but due to the tinted film, will also reduce the amount of light that passes into your home. Combination films allow more light into your home than sun control films, but also more heat.

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