Your Pinterest-perfect wardrobe in Coffs

Beth McFadden3 years ago

If you’re sick of scrolling through image after image of drool-worthy wardrobes on Pinterest, we have good news for you—your very own envy-inducing wardrobe is not that difficult to achieve! Gone are the days of cramped, portable wardrobes and dusty drawers. The new trend in closet perfection is beautiful, open wardrobes with plenty of light and personality. If you want to transform your own wardrobe into a piece of art, we’ve got 4 tips to help you out! Check out the best Pinterest-inspired closet tips for creating an aesthetically-pleasing wardrobe.

Ditch the doors


Having an open wardrobe is becoming more and more popular, and is a great way to enjoy the ‘walk in wardrobe’ experience without taking up as much space! It’s as simple as ditching the wardrobe doors, adding a few hanging rods and/or shelves and then enjoying the beauty that is your spacious, organised closet!

Have a place for everything


If you decide to opt for an open wardrobe, everything will (quite literally) be on display, so it’s important that it all stays looking neat. You can no longer hide piles of mess in the bottom of your cupboard! Invest in some great storage options, such as drawer dividers and shoe racks, so everything has its own spot—even your underwear!

Lighting, lighting, lighting!


One mistake that is often made when installing a new wardrobe is the lack of lighting! If you have an open wardrobe, you’ll find it already creates the illusion of more space in the room. One way to further accentuate this is with great lighting—positioning your open wardrobe near a window, adding a mirror and installing some downlights will all give your wardrobe that touch of luxury.

Add a personal touch

kaboompics.com_Sentence poster

To take your wardrobe from blah to brilliant, make sure you add your own personal touch. Whether you hang your favourite artwork on the nearby walls, add a splash of your favourite colour or glam the area up with a feature light, adding some personality will make your wardrobe pop! An added bonus: if you love how your wardrobe looks, and you enjoy spending time in the area, you’re more likely to keep everything neat!

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Have you got any great tips for a beautiful wardrobe? Comment and let us know your secrets!